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Pasta is the reigning queen not only of the Italian kitchen but of all our kitchens today. Hot or cold, with sauce or vegetables, pasta in all its shapes is a common item in kitchens everywhere. Pasta may be served as a main course or as a tasty supplement, when entertaining or for family dinners. Hefestus provides packaging technology for fresh or dry pasta, to retain the quality and taste of this very popular dish.
  • Modern packaging machines suitable for a wide variety of trays, assorted weights and small, family size, or economy containers
  • Packaging machines with a high working capacity providing quick ongoing supply
  • Filling and ready meal systems which are suited for pastas including sauce and other ingredients
  • Modularized systems with any number of filling stations and numerous packaging options

Pasta packaged on a Hefestus machine remains fresh for an extended period. Hefestus gives pasta manufacturers diverse options for filling, feeding and packaging in order to present the global consumer with high quality, tasty pastas with a rich aroma and perfect texture.