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Short shelf life of fresh cut salads is a major challenge for manufacturers and retailers alike, who want to provide fresh salads to consumers without fear of damage or spoilage. Recent research studies specifically indicate that consumers want a comprehensive solution. Due to their busy lifestyle, consumers want to eat healthy fresh foods with the convenience of ready to use packages, and without harmful preservatives.

SLB™ technology enables manufacturers not only pack fresh cut fruit & vegetables, but to also double shelf life up to fourteen days while maintaining the delicate texture and freshness of the vegetables! It also dramatically decreased the time required to pack the fresh cut salads as a result of changing from a manual packaging machine to an automatic packaging system.

The innovative system allows manufacturers and marketers to transport fresh cut products to distant destinations. This can revolutionize the entire supply chain, from manufacturer to consumer, with fewer returns or discards, lower costs and satisfied consumers

SLB™ technology produced another important advantage. It enables reducing costs of packaging materials and improves the environmental profile by using environmentally friendly packaging