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Dried Fruits & Nuts

Dried fruits and nuts are ideal to serve when entertaining or as snacks during the day. They are known for their rich nutritional content and health benefits. Most consumers are not aware of the meticulous care needed for the packaging of dried fruits and nuts in order to avoid deterioration. Those which have not been packaged meticulously are bitter tasting and ferment quickly. Correct packaging is imperative to preserve their rich taste. Hefestus enables manufacturers to package the dried fruits and nuts with the full knowledge that ours is the best packaging solution for these products.

  • Packaging and sealing systems with MAP protecting the freshness and quality of the products
  • Packaging systems which can easily be adapted to feeding and filling systems for these products
  • Filling, feeding and sealing with maximum speed and efficiency
  • Complete systems, including filling and feeding, which take up little or no room and do not require a maintenance staff.
European, and worldwide dried fruit and nut producers are aware of the positive potential of packaging with a Hefestus machine to maximize shelf life and freshness, thereby safeguarding the nutritional value of the contents.