• Hefestus’ machines have a worldwide reputation in innovation and ability to significantly extend product shelf life thanks to a unique sealing technology SLB™ developed by the company. Hefestus’ machines and unique SLB™ sealing heads are sold and distributed in the U.S., Eastern and Western Europe, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Japan and South America.

    The company has a wide line of products including: semi- automatic machines, linear and rotating machines for any packaging purpose. The machines are manufactured in accordance with customer requirements and are tailored to power supplies at destination countries.

    The company has an engineering and development department characterized by its innovation, creativity, and flexibility to meet every need.
    Our motto: Sized, tailored & economic packaging solutions – for all.

    Our integral engineering department is ready to face any challenge!

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    Yehuda Yamay, CEO & CTO

    Holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, from the the Israeli Institute of Technology.

    Mr. Yamay is the inventor of the S.L.B. – Hefestus’ patented technology.

    With 30 year experience in packaging, Mr. Yamay is a Master of mechanical and food engineering with a worldwide reputation.
    Email: yehuda@hefestus-slb.com

    Adi Nahum, Chairman & Share holder

    BA in Accounting & Business Administration.

    Began his career as a senior supervisor in the Israel Tax Authority and has since held senior management positions in various fields in Israel and abroad, such as real estate, finance and business consulting.

    Mr. Adi Nahum has gained extensive experience in strategic planning and business risk management.