Hefestus offers packaging solutions mainly for the food industry

  • Liquids: oils, soy sauce, milk & yogurt, brine, juices etc.
  • Pasty / thick: Hummus, salads, honey, jam, mayonnaise, ketchup, shampoo
  • Granular / powders: Spices, ground coffee, nuts
  • Fruits & vegetables: whole or cut & peeled packed with MAP to extend shelf life
  • Meat & fish: Fresh meat & fish packed with MAP or top sealing only for freezing. Processed meat & sliced hard cheeses.
  • Ready Meals: A variety of machines / lines designated for ready meals (caterers) including automatic fillers for pre-cooked food & sauces.
  • Special: Crashed garlic and cut parsley (for freezing ) flavored hookah tobacco


Hefestus also produces (all in-house design & assembly) machines for pharma, paints etc.

olive oil. honey
Ready meal - meat, rice and vegetables
A  selection of fruits - orange, banana, apple, grapes and more
Sealing mask
Milk, cheese and dairy products
Fish of various kinds
Multi-layer mousse dessert
Different spices